Full Moon

There is something about a full moon over white snow that seems to be magic. The moonlight takes on a blue quality, the snow even has a tendency to glimmer in the low light, and the shadows of the bare tree-limbs stretch over the landscape like clawed fingers. It’s in this type of moonlit night that the substance between worlds begins to thin and the sprites and goblins, gnomes and witch queens can come out to traipse through our world and flit into the next.

It’s best on these nights, if you happen to be out of your home under the full moon’s light, to carry treats in your pockets. Berries for sprites, who marvel at their bright colors set off against the starkness of winter; candy canes for the goblins so that they may suck the candy to a point to pick at their long teeth; bitter chocolate for gnomes who nibble away at them between sips of their steaming hot mulled wine; and sugared cookies that are white and sparkling for the witch queens who may know of the sweetness of the world, or perhaps only wish to see it crumble into crumbs. If you pass by any of these creatures, give them these treats for safe passage and stay close to the moonlit path, in the shadows the creatures are less kind and more greedy and may not let you continue on.

But always, when wandering the forest or field of these nights, turn your feet towards the glimmering light of home where candles flicker in the window acknowledging the warmth and safety within. You may return with empty pockets but also be sure to have an empty belly, as it is there that a woman whose heart is larger than the moon will have warm blankets, tasty soup, and hot tea waiting for you. It is there that the sprites and goblins, gnomes and witch queens cannot enter and you will find a place to rest until the sun rises and picks away at the snow and the moon grows smaller again.

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